Bluffton Hilton Head Hardscape Landscape and Nursery


Growing Conditions:

▪Bright direct sunlight

▪Mature dill plants like to become dry between watering (but not so dry that the plant is coming away from the pot). Dill likes good drainage

▪Fertilize lightly with a liquid fertilizer every time you water and quarter-strength
▪When using with flowers add as the height so placing in the middle of the pot if it’s being seen on all sides or at the back of the pot if it’s facing forward
▪Plant extra dill plants for the black swallowtail butterfly loves this herb also
▪In American history dill was known as the meeting seed because it was given to children to induce sleep during long Sunday sermons
▪Soothes Stomache aches, if you have too much to eat or an upset “tummy”- “Dill Tummy Tea” brings relief
▪Culinary uses: Dill seeds are commonly used in salad dressings, dips and pickles. The leaves are used on seafood and potatoes.
▪Dill is the classic culinary partner for cucumber.  Try making your own PICKLES or Greek TZATZIKI YOGURT SAUCE
Harvesting & Storing:
▪You can freeze dill by placing an entire stem in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer
▪Dill leaves can also be dried, but are not as flavorful as fresh. To dry hang stem upside down in a paper bag, the seeds then will fall in the bag, store both seeds and leaves in a dry airtight container

For sweeter breath, chew dill seeds!!


Hilton Head Island Dill

Bluffton Dill

Beaufort Dill