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▪Full sun to light shade
▪Water daily in spring, summer and fall during the colder winter months you may only water every 2 to 3 days don’t let the mint dry out and do not soak it when watering only water the pot enough to make all the soil moist
▪Trim as needed for food preparation or to control the growth
▪Mint is ideal for containers because if planted in your garden it can over take plant beds and is very invasive (shown in photo here)
▪When combining it with flowers use it as a trailer and do not combine different types of mint together for as they take on each others flavors
▪Mint Mouthwash: Chop fresh mint leaves to make about 4 tbsp., and then pour a qt. of boiling water over leaves. Allow the mouthwash to cool slightly, and then chill the mouthwash in the refrigerator. Strain the chilled mouthwash and store in the refrigerator.
▪Mint blends well with many beverages from tea, iced tea, lemonade to Cuban mojito and mint julep that rely on mint for a cool zest
▪Can be infused for desserts such as the Chocolate Mint Truffle Torte
▪In addition to acting as a flavoring agent for foods, Mint oil can be used in lotions, medicines and candy (Recipe to follow)

Mint Oil

Mince fresh mint leaves very fine. Place the leaves into a glass mason jar

Fill the jar with 3 parts of high-proof alcohol such as grain alcohol of vodka for every 1 part minced leaves, the alcohol will act as an agent to pull the oil out

Cap the jar and shake well. Leave the container of herbs to sit in a dark place for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Shake the jar every few days to stir up the contents

After they have sat for 4 to 6 weeks strain the leaves and squeeze out excess. Store the mint extract in small glass bottles or jars in a cool dark place


▪When Harvesting mint pinch off the larger leaves in bunches to promote bushiness
▪Use mint fresh, dried or frozen. Since mint is frequently used in teas and alcoholic drinks, try freezing it in ice cubes
▪Preserve it in vinegar or dry it for potpourri or sachets


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